MEET-UP – JANUARY 23, 2020

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Things to Consider if You Want to Keep Your Insurance
Image August 29, 2019 Call To Action GLA Secretary

I received this letter from one of my insurance carriers this week and I learned a few things. My biggest takeaways are no short term leases and make sure you see a picture of their dog before approving them to move in.  In the dog section of the letter, they say the words “a dog

President’s Corner
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In your business, are you the handyman, the person posting your units for rent, the person who takes the maintenance calls, the person who makes the collection calls? Do you handle your own evictions, manage your own website, do all the book keeping, and even show your own units?  If the answer is yes to

Board of Director’s Election March 11, 2019
February 4, 2019 Call To Action GLA Secretary

ELECTIONS 2019/20:   The Election of the 2019-20 GLA Board of Directors will be held on March 11, 2019 at the general membership meeting.  There is a minimum of four open positions  If you have been a member for at least one year, and is interested in running for these positions, please send your bio/resume to the Genesee

4 Bedrooms For RENT
Image January 30, 2019 Call To Action GLA Secretary

RENT:  $680  1903 Joliet, Flint, MI  48504 RENT:  $680  2025 Joliet, Flint, MI  48504 RENT:  $1,400  303 Genesee, Gaines, MI  48436 RENT:  $1,550  1409 Sun Terrace Dr.  Flint, MI  48532

3 Bedrooms For RENT!
Image January 30, 2019 Call To Action GLA Secretary

RENT:  $795  1302 Banbury Place, Flint, MI  48505 RENT:  $595  6141 Cypress, Mt. Morris, MI  48504 RENT:  $665:  2514 Norbert, Flint, MI  48504 RENT:  $649:  3109 Cheyenne, Flint, MI  48507 RENT:  $825  3090 Kettering, Flint, MI  48507 RENT:  $830  1426 Crestbrook Lane, Flint, MI  48507 RENT:  $750  2301 Term, Burton, MI  48519 RENT:  $600:  406