Judge Herman Marable Jr

Judge Herman Marable Jr

Judge Herman Marable, Jr. is a Judge and member of the bench for the 67th District Court.  Before taking the bench. Judge Marable was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney of Genesee County. Judge Marable is a member of several bar and legal organizations, including the State Bar of Michigan, the National Bar Association, the Genesee County Bar Association, and the Association of Black Judges of Michigan.

Judge Marable has a reputation of giving landlord a hard time in court and many would say is extremely biased in favor of the tenants.  Landlords tend to have the biggest problems in his court room when they do not have everything the way he wants it.

If you have had problems with Judge Herman Marable, Jr please take the time to write him a google review.  Be sure to be truthful with your encounter when writing the review

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  2. Simply Type Judge Herman Marable into google and his business section will pop up.
  3. Click on either “Review Judge Marable” above, or on “Write a Review” below.
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Below are some Tips and Tricks on how to deal with Judge Herman Marable Jr.

Landlords cannot use a post office box
Must have separate Soldiers & Sailors Affidavit
Must have a copy of your lease and records on what is owed
Must check box 10 on the Complaint if there are no other pending actions
Dress in business attire for court – no collarless shirts, shorts or spaghetti strap tops
If your tenant is not dressed properly as well he may adjourn the hearing
No gum chewing
Landlord’s name must be typed or printed under signature
Cases dismissed if paperwork is not in order
Must give reason on 30 day termination notice
Adjourns cases for frivolous reasons
Changes consent Judgments
No partial payments can be taken except on consent judgments or judgment will be void
Takes 5 days to sign order for eviction
Constantly late for Court
Docket of cases moves slow
Must have accounting of all rent due and how amount is arrived at
Don’t say any more than necessary
More forgiving if tenant doesn’t follow protocol
BE PREPARED!! He is inconsistent with the Court Rules.